With all the concerns about getting through Chinese export and US import customs, we are the end-to-end solution to this problem. In the last few months, we have successfully completed dozens of transactions.

Unlike other suppliers, we even have our own FDA Importer Owner/Operator number.

Our success is all possible with a well-coordinated, round-the-clock team in both North & South China and locally in the US. We have heard too many horror stories from others about delayed or missing shipments without any communication from overseas.

With PPE Trade & Support, you will be dealing with a Los Angeles-based team that wants to be part of your success.

We can get the job done!

Contact us today at contact@ppetradesupport.com.

Successful Homeland Security Entry Release KN95

Successful delivery of KN95 at our Los Angeles warehouse
Airway Bill for Thermometers to Cleveland
Successful KN95 Delivery